5 Types of Denim Shorts for Women

Denim shorts are wardrobe staples every stylish woman should invest in. When shopping for denim cutoffs, it pays knowing that not all of these trendy short pants are created equal and there will always be that one style that will emphasize your curves, lift your booty, and give you a more flattering silhouette than all others.

  • Slouchy denim shorts –If you have a round shoulder line, wide hips, and good legs, a slouchy denim cut-off is a flattering style for you. This type of denim shorts form perfectly with your rear and hugs the legs just right, until it reaches the frayed hemline. Wearing something a little loose and not skintight is best if you want to balance out your body shape.
  • Folded hem denim shorts –For petite girls, tiny folded hem denim shorts that hug the legs are perfect. These leg-hugging shorts help make the legs appear longer and the butt to look perky and tight, thus emphasizing the curves. Folded hem denim cutoffs are a great foundation to any casual outfit, whether you want to go for a preppy or a bohemian look.
  • Structured denim shorts – Curvy ladies should go for a pair of shorts that is more structured and is equipped with flattering details like buttons, slits, and ruffles. High waist denims are also great for drawing attention to the slimmest region of your figure.
  • Mid-thigh denim shorts – Balance a long torso with mid-thigh denim shorts with a cuffed or frayed hem. These shorts direct focus on the legs, balancing out the length of the torso by making the thighs look longer.
  • Bermuda denim shorts – Girls with legs for days look best in Bermuda shorts. If you are tall and lean, this form-fitting denim will help you look more toned in the gams and keep your weekend look together.