Best Tips When Shopping for Short Denim Shorts for Women

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Shopping for Short Denim Shorts

Do you have a closet-pile of denim cut-offs but find yourself going back to this one pair that seems to fit better than the rest? It might be high time to rethink your shopping ways when visiting the women’s denim shorts department. Denim shorts for women, like any full-length jeans, come in different cuts and fits that are made for different body types.

Short Denim Shorts for Body Shape

This is why it is important that you know the right style of denim shorts for women for your shape when in the market for one:

  • Apple shape – Apple-shaped women have rounder shoulder lines and strong legs. The best type of denim shorts for women for the apple shape is one with a frayed hemline and a slouchy drop, which will form perfectly against your full butt and legs. Top tip: you shouldn’t let your shorts wear you, so always go for a piece that is loose enough and never skin tight, unless you find a muffin top silhouette attractive.
  • Petite – If you are petite, choose denim shorts for women that hug the legs and have foldable hems. This fit will help make your legs look longer and your butt more perky. Tighter denim shorts are ideal to emphasize a petite woman’s curves.
  • Curvy shape – If you’ve got some curves, choose women’s jean shorts with a more structured cut. This helps create a more flattering fit. Additional details also help create visual interest, such as buttons on a high waist, which draw the eye to your slimmest part. Other details to look for include ruffles and slits, which create the same visual interest.
  • Long torso – Denim shorts that work perfectly for a long torso. If you want more attention on your long legs, wear ones with a cuffed hem. The goal here is to draw attention to your legs to create visual balance with your long torso.

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