Difference Between Bootcut and Straight Jeans

A pair of jeans can have different types of leg openings. Two of the most popular options are the straight cut and the bootleg. Straight leg jeans offer a straight effect because the pants have the same width from the knee to the leg openingat the bottom. Straight cut denim is always a popular choice. Meanwhile, the leg opening of a pair of bootcut jeans is wider than the knee. Bootcut jeans are always in style.


The origins and characteristics of bootcut jeans


Boot cut jeans are cut very specifically so that the upper leg tapers slightly to fit from thigh to knee, but widens a bit to widen from the knee down to the ankle, at the hem of the pants. Usually, there is a one-inch boot accommodating increment. As a result the hem is wider than the knee area by about one inch or so. Bootcut jeans are comfortable to wear and fashionably stylish without trying too hard.


The boot cut was first adapted for sailor uniforms. In the 1800s, workers found a way to wear their pants over the boots more easily. They are also easy to roll up to accommodate working conditions. Today, some boot cut jeans are low waisted, while others are high-waisted. The advantage of boot cut jeans for curvy women is that they make curvy figures look slimmer, especially in dark wash or indigo. It also offers top heavy women a means to visually balance out the volume with the slight flare at the bottom.


 Typically, modern bootcut jeans flare at the bottom to cover the shoes. It is worth noting that boot cut jeans are different from flare leg jeans. For the flare effect to work, the difference between the hem and the knee widths is much bigger. Moreover, the knee width is narrower in flare jeans than in bootcut jeans. Boot cut jeans go well with clunky shoes.


Are straight leg jeans the perfect style for you?

As suggested by the name, straight leg pants do not taper at the bottom. They are straight all over the leg, and do not change width from the knee to the bottom. This means the measure of the width at the knee and ankle levels is similar. The fit over the leg is easy and loose because the cut does not make the jeans cling to the wearer. Typically, these pants end above the ankle. There need not be any confusion between skinny jeans and straight leg jeans. Skinny jeans narrow from the thigh all the way down to the ankle and fit the limb closely.


Some straight leg jeans are high-waisted, while other is low-waisted. Straight leg denim jeans are usually worn with platforms, pointed toe pumps, and wedges. Tennis shoes are also worn with straight leg jeans to good effect. Fashion experts recommend straight leg jeans for women of short stature since they make petite women appear taller. Taller women usually wear straight leg jeans tucked under a pair of boots.


Straight versus bootleg


Now that you understand the style differences between the two types of jeans, you have the power to choose which style to wear and when. When the occasion calls for casual, straight cut jeans are usually enough. Straight cut jeans are the first choice for cleaning up and running errands around town.


Boot cut jeans are more suited for dressier situations. Bootcut legs are also great for clubbing with friends, going out on weekends, and yes of course, you may wear them to work.


Now that you know their characteristics, and the difference between straight cut and bootleg styles, you can choose which style is best for a specific look.