Difference between high waisted jeans vs normal jeans

Most people prefer to wear jeans with the standard waistband, which is located at the waistline. But, high-waisted jeans are now a staple in women who want to blend with the contemporary crowd.
A vintage statement - High Waisted Jeans


Jeans are a staple everyday wear among men and women living and working in urban areas. If you live in the city center, then you must have noticed the return of the high-waisted jeans—considered a vintage fashion choice. While the first high-waisted pants came into existence in the 1940s, the 1980’s was the decade defined by them. The return of this fashion statement in the 21st century may be a bit surprising, but more and more women are embracing the trend. What makes high-waisted jeans so popular now?
Normal waist jeans are still the usual first choice, especially since they come in various denim tones, and styles. You will find plenty of distressed, biker, and flared options with normal waistlines. And yet, these days, it’s the fashion savvy and chic crowd wearing pants with an elevated waistband.
High-waisted jeans versus normal jeans
If the pants you are wearing have a waistband that ends above the belly button, then it is considered a high-waisted pair. Denim jeans with waist bands at two or three inches above the standard fall under this category. When certain women wear this type of jeans, the waist may end just a beneath the bust line, especially if they are well-endowed.
When high-waisted pant do not flatter the figure

Women with the coveted hour-glass figure and long legs call pull off high-waisted garments with flare. If you have a narrow waist and flat tummy, then flaunt it with the most stylish high-waisted pair of jeans you can find. Figure flattery should be the priority, and it does not pay to join the bandwagon if it does not look good on you, right?
Even if everyone you know already has a collection of this style of pants, you have to think very carefully before investing in one. You may be slim and sexy but check first if you look great wearing this type of jeans (hint: do you have adequate torso length?) Women with petite figures and short torsos should steer clear of high-waisted and high-rise pants altogether. The style does not help the height disadvantage. Moreover, busty women must think twice before donning a high-waisted pair of jeans, and make sure their bust do not look as they are resting on the pant’s waist band.
Making the right choice


Think about how the style affects your proportions. Does it highlight the best features of your body, or instead puts attention to the features you wish to hide? For instance, if you are carrying a few extra pounds right at the middle, high-waisted denims may not be the best choice. Or, if you have a flat rear side, then you’d better find a pair of jeans that gives the illusion of a fuller buttocks area. Trust us when we say that high-waisted pants will only make your rear look flatter. Now, if you hips are already too wide, it’s probably not a good idea to highlight the narrowness of your waist with a high-waisted garment. The disproportion will only be too evident.
Are you of medium build with good muscle tone and a slender figure? If your answer is yes to these qualities, then you can expect to look absolutely stunning in a pair of great quality high rise jeans. Do not hesitate to invest in one or two stylish pairs for everyday use. Take the next step by investing on a pair designed for dressier events. You definitely won’t regret the purchase.