Fall Into The Fashion Of Flare Jeans For Women

Flared jeans may have been worn by our mothers and aunts in their youth and in the 70s, but they have made a comeback to appeal to a new generation of women. They used to be high-waisted pants, but newer varieties like low-rise and regular rise have sprung out to fit and flatter more body types. If you have not tried flared jeans, you may want to consider trying a pair to discover and feel how they fit and flatter your curves. Like your regular jeans, they come in different washes, so you should be able to find the best flared jeans to suit your frame or body type. A dark wash is usually chic and versatile to be worn for work or for nights out with friends, too.

As long as you get the right size and fit, you can experience the benefits of wearing flare jeans, like a slimmer waist and the illusion of having longer legs. They can be dressier jeans, too, which means you can wear them with your frilly and flowery tops, blouses, and button-downs, for smart casual wear in the office or in school. When you have the right cut, you should see that flare jeans look good on you. If skinny jeans were made to feel like your second skin, flare pants are designed to stand out.

Another trick to choosing flare jeans for women is to think about the tops and shoes you intend to wear with them. Consider some styling hacks, like avoiding overly long tops or tunics, and wearing shoes that add height, like heels, wedges, and platforms. Flare jeans can be worn with sneakers, too, but make sure that they are not too long to the point where the hem hits the floor or goes under your shoes, but do not make them look too short or around your ankle bone either to avoid looking tacky.