Finding the Right Relaxed Fit Jeans for Women

Compared to skinny jeans relaxed fit jeans are preferred by many people because they are loose, roomy, and are really comfortable to wear. Relaxed fit jeans generally retain their shape in the butt but have a looser fit in the hip and thigh area. Nowadays, women’s relaxed fit jeans are more commonly known as the “boyfriend jeans” primarily because it has a cut that’s similar to men’s jeans. If you do not like jeans that are too form-fitting or too loose, the relaxed fit is the best denim style for you.

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing relaxed fit jeans since they come in many variations. Be sure to look at the denim wash, the cut, and the rise. The denim wash refers to the process and dye that have been used to give the denim its particular appearance. The usual choices include stonewash denim (which looks worn-out and faded), dirty wash denim (which has a yellow or brownish tint and looks heavily used), acid wash denim (which looks whiter), vintage wash (which looks like it’s been worn for years), sandblasted denim (softer and lighter), and raw denim (unwashed and full blue or indigo in color).

Relaxed fit denim also comes in different cuts in the leg area. Choosing the right cut will make the jeans look better on you. Your choices include the straight cut (straight from the thigh up to the hem), boot cut (leg grows slightly wider as it reached the hem), tapered leg (leg becomes a little smaller as it reaches the hem), and wide leg (silhouette is barely discernible). Aside from the leg cut, you should also consider the type of rise. Low-rise jeans sit at the hips or beneath them. Mid-rise ones sit right between the hips and the navel. Finally, high-rise jeans usually sit about 3 inches higher than the navel.

Relaxed fit jeans can be your go-to apparel if you want something comfortable to wear. Consider purchasing your jeans from an online shop. The best shops have a variety of secure payment options and they are able to replace returned order based on their return and exchange policy.