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If you find your current jeans unflattering and old-fashioned, it is time to start looking for a new pair. Shopping for denim jeans can be exciting, yet surprisingly overwhelming and challenging due to the many different styles available. Some shoppers may even find themselves going through all cuts, styles, and washes in different sizes to find the perfect pair of pants, only to leave the store feeling frustrated and not buying anything. To save you from the trouble, here is an overview of the top five styles of denim jeans you should consider:

  1. Skinny – Also known as ‘slim-fit jeans’, skinny jeans provide a snug fit all over from your hips to buttocks, down to your thighs, calves, and ankles. Some variants are super skinny, which are designed to look like and feel like you are wearing leggings. Skinny jeans are great as you can wear them with just about anything, especially trendy tops, tunics, blouses, and T-shirts. Just be sure to buy them in a cut and wash that is flattering to you.
  2. Relaxed – Relaxed-fit jeans offer a regular fit in the seat of the pants and a slightly loose fit around the hip and thigh areas. These are the perfect pair of jeans if you have wider legs, as the calf either stays straight or widens a bit towards the bottom, depending on the manufacturer. They are comfortable to wear, too.
  3. High rise – High-waisted jeans made a comeback, but to avoid looking like you are wearing ‘mom jeans’, go for a pair that has a skinny or slim fit in a dark or medium wash. You may want to consider trendy styles like those with a multiple button closure, too. You can wear them with crop tops if you do not want to expose your navel or belly.
  4. Bootcut or flare – Bootcut jeans were introduced in the 1800s and worn by cowboys who needed pants that can easily accommodate their boots while ensuring a comfortable ride. Eventually, these jeans evolved into bell-bottoms in the 1970s and into flared pants in the 90s. They fit regularly around your waist and thighs, and they widen or flare out from the calf to the hem.
Distressed – Many styles of denim jeans can be distressed, which means they have rips, usually on the knee and thigh areas. These jeans are perfect if you are aiming for a grungy, rock-and-roll, or edgy look.

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