How to Keep Black Jeans from Fading?

Black jeans are always in season. You have to take extra care of your new high-waisted skinny midnight black denims because they are comfortable and look great on you. They set you apart because of the inky saturation of the fabric. However, you already know that black jeans fade in time, so you must pay extra attention to keep your new pair’s lovely color locked in. Washing the color wash away is no laughing matter. It just breaks your heart to see the saturated fabric fading into something less compelling.


There are a few secrets we are willing to reveal to help you out. Are you ready to learn how to keep black jeans from fading?


Lesson One: Cleaning solutions to lock in color and prevent fading


The wear life of midnight black denims can be extended if you use specific cleaning solutions when washing them. When buying detergent check the label if it is especially intended for black or dark clothes. And yes, these products are available in the supermarket.


Another measure you can start adopting from now on with your brand-new black skinnies, is setting the dye, This means soaking the pair in a solution before washing it with a machine, or by hand. The soaking solution consists of cold water, salt, and vinegar. Use one tablespoon of salt, and one cup of white vinegar. You can easily apply this method even this very minute because the soaking solution calls for items, which are already in your pantry and kitchen. The solution is supposed to prevent the dye from bleeding out of the fabric during the cleaning process. When setting the dye, turn the pants inside out fist prior to soaking. This might seem a little left off center, but people do it, and it offers great results. It certainly is worth a try, don’t you think?


Lesson Two: Washing guidelines


First of all, follow instructions such as “wash inside out.” The manufacturer is telling you the fabric is better off with lesser contact with the soap. Fabrics with a tendency to bleed out color come with this important instruction. Unfortunately, many people ignore it, and their black denims pay for the neglect.


Black colors fade quicker in warm water. Remember to wash your new denim jeans in cold water from now on. High temperature affects the fabric in a way that allows for bleeding of colors from the fibers of the cloth. Cool water works best to preserve the richness of the midnight black color of the denim.


Moreover, wash gently especially when you are using a machine. Rough cycles induce quicker fading. Imagine your jeans spinning at high speed inside the machine, and the consequent faster bleeding out of the dark coloring. To avoid that, use the most gentle cycle setting. If you have time, hand wash instead, and do so gently.


Lastly, do not place your black jeans in the dryer, which may promote a breakdown of fibers. Instead of using the machine, air dry the pair by hanging it right side out by the belt loop. Hanging by the belt loop does not protect the color, but prevents formation of wrinkles by sheer weight of the jeans.


Denims are durable and versatile, and they look great for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Rich black jeans are a stable piece of clothing. You can do something to prevent the black color from bleeding out, and preserve the saturated look of your new black skinnies. If you care for it well and give it the attention it deserves you will enjoy wearing while looking like new for many years to come.