How to Make Your Appearance Perfect with Cropped Jeans

Whether cropped or rolled up, ankle-length jeans remain a favorite fashion trend for many. These jeans are great for laid back or polished looks and they make good basic pieces for styling and wearing all year-round. Cropped jeans are no longer just for the warm season when people look for something airy and loose. These ankle-cropped perfections can be worn any season and styled to fit your personal preferences.

Most people avoid wearing shorter jeans for fear of getting it wrong and looking frumpy. With the variety of cropped jeans styles available today, you have no reason to fear the stereotypical baggy capris—which for many are the sole definition of cropped jeans. The cropped jeans style is no longer confined to loose short pants and ankle-cropped denims. Some newer versions even have higher hems and more pulled together fits, which make them less tricky to pair with chic outfits.

When styling cropped jeans, there are certain details that you should pay attention to, like the type of shoes that work with your choice of jeans style or length, the way the hem tapers, and the kinds of tops that work best with your pairs. When it comes to shoes, work with your proportions instead of thinking in specific inches. Skinny cropped jeans work best with loafers and flats, while wide-legged cropped pants are great for showing off heels. Cropped boot-cuts can be tricky as they tend to make you look short and disproportionate, but they work well with flat shoes and slip-ons.

Cropped jeans work with most any kind of laidback top. Pull-overs, shirts, button ups, and even jackets and blazers work quite well with any kind of cropped jeans, including tops with a clean finish and long button-ups that are not commonly worn with slouchy pants. With the right pairings, it is easy to pull-off a perfect look with cropped jeans.