How to Pick the Best Flare Jeans for Women

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Retro denim styles keep coming back and flare jeans seem to be enjoying the spotlight these days as more women are seen sporting the look in its modern glory. Flare jeans are flattering for different body types as they create a beautiful, curved silhouette that highlights the feminine figure. The flared cut also helps add length to the legs as they don’t stop and cut off as the ankles as other types of jeans do. Knowing how to flatter your figure with the right type of flare jeans is key to shopping for the perfect pair:

  • For the pear-shaped – If you carry most your weight in your thighs, hips, and rear, choose wider flares (also known as bell-bottoms). Pear shaped ladies look amazing in form-hugging fits in the thighs and butt, all the way down the knees and flaring out down the hem. Bigger bottoms create a flattering hourglass shape while elongating the legs.
  • For the apple-shaped –If you have narrow hips, on the other hand, look for smaller flare boot-cuts. Larger bells may overwhelm the size of your hips and make it look narrower. Go for flares that only slightly fan out over your shoes.
  • For the column-shaped –Tall, column-shaped women whose bust and hip areas measure the same look exceptional in flared jeans. If you are tall and lean, look for wide-legged pants and large bell-bottoms that accentuate your proportions. Long legs can handle larger bells as can carry the volume well, thus creating a well-balanced silhouette.
  • For the petite –Shorter ladies, however, should avoid large flares as they tend to overwhelm their small frames. Like apple-shaped women, those with shorter legs would look better with jeans that have a slight flare and taper on the thighs, thus creating longer legs. Wearing wedge shoes or heeled boots can also help add height, if you want a more balanced look.

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