How to style plus size jeans

If you’re a size 16 and up, do not ever hesitate to purchase the trendiest slim leg jeans. There are so many ways to style it so that you look good and feel good about yourself as well.

Looking fabulous with your unique style

There might be a time when you though skinny jeans wouldn’t work because of your curves. Perhaps now, you’re already changed your mind seeing how fab you look in them. You didn’t have to buys new tops or new shoes. All you had to do what change your mind set about them, and plan your outfits also helped. You can look fabulous with skinny jeans—heck, you can look great with any outfit as long as you are comfortable and confident in them.

There are more options out there now

Trend-forward pieces are available to plus-size women who are unafraid to flaunt their contemporary style. The good news for curvy women is there are more brands offering slim jeans to accommodate their needs. The most flattering plus size denims may just be a few clicks away, and you won’t have to worry about fit as well if you shop online. Various tools are available on shopping sites to guide you in finding the right fit, cut, and style. Skinny jeans are your friend, and sellers are going out of their way to make these daily clothing staples available to women of all shapes and sizes.

Plus-size styling must: be comfy

Completely fitted jeans that hug your body should feel comfortable. Buy only jeans made with high quality denim. Before you make a purchase online or offline, check that the material is not too stretchy it leaves no room for your limbs to breathe. Figure hugging jeans are sexy, but they might put people off if the pair leaves nothing to the imagination. Unless you can fit it and see the effect, avoid super skinny denims for the moment.

In addition, while checking on fabric stretch technology, determine the rise of the jeans as well. For comfort, wear skinny jeans with high-rise. Pudgy tummies do not go well with low-rise jeans. Keeping it low may not be too comfortable if you’re curvy. Nevertheless, you can be as adventurous as you dare to be in terms of skinnies.

Purchasing rules to live by

It is not as complicated as you think. When you buy skinny jeans, go for the solid toned dark washes because they are not only the epitome of urban chic. They also produce a slenderizing, slimming effect since darker colors visually slim body areas.  They can also be paired with dressy tops and casual wear equally well. Avoid light washes and pastel, unless you have a specific look in mind. Look for the dark indigo wash --that’s the first rule.

The second rule is to keep the distress at a minimal. We’re not saying avoid destroyed jeans altogether. They offer an edge that might help your look. However, too much distressing on jeans could make curvy thighs look heavy.

Styling tips

If you are heavy and curvy, but with a flattering waistline, by all means flaunt it. Pair your skinny jeans with a nice top, that’s tucked in to accentuate your waist. For a more streamlined look, complete the outfit with statement heels.

Now, here are important notes about shoes to wear with plus size skinnies to get you started on the right track. Firstly, keep it strappy, and show much skin. If you’re used to flats, leave your comfort zone and elevate your look with a low heel. Lastly, make sure your footwear is visible under a clean jeans hem that ends just above the ankle.

That’s all we have for now. Enjoy your shopping for plus size skinnies!