Style your denim jacket : 5 Fresh ways

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How do you wear a denim jacket? There is no right or wrong way, for sure, but if you want to be noticed, or to be considered stylish, you must do more than just don a womens blue jean jacket.

Denim is a casual fabric, but no one can deny its timeless quality. A denim jacket is a good piece to have in your closet since you can wear it in so many ways. Here are five amazing tricks to keep you in the circle of the most stylish and fashionable.

1. Go dark

Having a great jacket in the wardrobe makes day to day styling easier. To spice things up, you can put a smart twist on the casual denim jacket by getting one that is darker than the usual light blue. A darker option easily catches attention. You can switch it up with the light blue one to keep the look fresh and interesting.

2. Denim on denim

If you are into following trends, then it is always safe to go for a denim or denim look. Keep the style fresh with a dark fitting pair of jeans that shows off your curves, and a light washed denim top. Go for urban chick with a pairing of the right shades of blue. Denim on denim hardly fails, but you have to be careful not to overdo it.

3. Jacket on culottes

You can always make it more difficult for others to copy your style with out of the box thinking. Instead of the usual jeans, shorts, or skirts, how about, pairing a jean jacket with culottes? This combo is as comfortable as it sounds. There are various styles of denim jackets to try out with you favorite culottes. Consider your figure and the cut of the top that flatters your curves. This pairing is a great option for a casual weekend with friends.

4. With a maxi skirt

Some of the trendiest distressed jean jacket womens items on sale online today are being paired up with maxi skirts. A pencil cut skirt, or a mini skirt is more popular options. Yet, you will probably get more head turns with a maxi skirt. Go for feminine textiles and designs, and reap the rewards that will surely follow. You can strike a “nice girl” pose with the right maxi skirt. This could be the “outfit of the day” that you haven’t tried out just yet.

5. All white

It is not a crime to be uber-stylish, and you can achieve this admirable station by being courageous with a white-on-white combo. Be daring with your denim jacket, and wear it over an all-white ensemble. Step it up further with not just any white pairing, but with a little white dress. A contoured jean jacket on white dress gives you the vintage look that can be effortlessly stylish, if you are confident enough to pull it off. Start looking out for a cotton mini dress the color of clouds as you prepare for spring. Once you have found the right white dress, make your style known by wearing a great denim jacket with it when you go out for a stroll.

Denim always spells casual, but jean jackets are versatile, and you can wear your jacket with almost anything! Moreover, it is possible to pair jean jackets with specific tops and bottoms, and footwear, of course to make it dressier. If you want to expand your wardrobe, add clothing items that allows you to show off your style choices with a classic denim jacket. Take advantage of the amazing style options available to you today.



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