Varied Styles of Women’s Ripped Jeans

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Distressed jeans are strong fashion statements. Their shabby look and cool, laidback nature make such a strong impact on the fashion world, that designers can’t seem to get over the style trend. Over the years, ripped jeans have evolved into many different styles to fit all kinds of body types and style preferences. Below are only some of the most popular ripped jeans styles that have developed throughout history:

  • Skin-fit ripped jeans – Classic ripped jeans are known to be shabby and slouchy, but more modern styles are form-fitting, making the tiny shreds and rips show a bit of skin for a rougher and cooler look. Skin-fit ripped jeans are shredded from the thigh area down to the portion just below the knees, which is perfect to show just enough skin through the tears and rips.
  • Rolled up ripped jeans – A more classic take on the ripped jeans style, rolled up distressed jeans make wearing tattered denim more manageable, especially those with larger and longer tears. Ripped jeans rolled up to ankle-length also pair well with different kinds of footwear, ranging from festive heels to more laidback sneakers.
  • Patch ripped jeans – These are ripped jeans embellished with some patchwork. Patch ripped jeans have some torn areas covered with either darker or lighter colored denim for a distressed but repaired look. Other versions of this style are patched up from the underside, which highlights the ripped and repaired look of the piece.
  • Classic ripped jeans – Classic ripped jeans are baggy and shabby jeans with large tears and holes throughout the pant leg. They can be worn rolled up or cropped and they often come in high-waist cuts, making them perfect to wear with tank tops and neat shirts. Classic ripped jeans are known for their shabby yet stylish and comfortable fit, perfect for daily wear.

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