What’s The Best Ripped Boyfriend Jeans For Women

Despite their name, boyfriend jeans are not necessarily slouchy with a relaxed fit for boys. In fact, they are actually tailored for the ladies, and you do not have to have an actual boyfriend or borrow one from your man to wear them. They may be inspired by menswear, but they are made with a feminine touch to suit a woman’s frame. Boyfriend jeans are among the most versatile types of jeans for women, and they come in distressed versions for the ladies who want to rock the grunge look. Here are some points when choosing the best ripped boyfriend jeans for women:

  • How boyfriend jeans should fit – Like with any other type of jeans, fit matters a lot when it comes to choosing ripped boyfriend jeans, and that means relaxed and slouchy, but not necessarily baggy. Consider a fit that has a tapered and slimmer fit for a sleek look that can go with any top or pair of shoes. A loose fit is versatile and will go with any body type, and a structured fit should look flattering to any figure.
  • Determine where the torn places are – Opt for ripped boyfriend jeans with vertical rips to make your legs look slimmer, and horizontal tears if you want to add volume. Keep the tears minimal to avoid looking trashy and if you do not want to show too much skin.
  • Your height matters – Petite ladies should consider ripped boyfriend jeans with a slim fit or tapered leg. That way, the pants will not overwhelm their small frame. This cut is just right to frame the best places while showing the silhouette of legs, and the jeans will slouch in the right areas. If you are tall and leggy, you can get away with most styles and shapes of boyfriend jeans, even the baggy and cropped ones.
  • Mind your frame – Curvy girls with an hourglass, apple, or pear shape should consider slim-fit boyfriend jeans, as baggy ones can make them look bulkier. Slim ladies can wear baggy boyfriend jeans if they are tall. Otherwise, they should wear slim-fit cuts.