Women’s Boyfriend Capris Jeans – So Much Comfort!

Cropped boyfriend jeans have been all the rage for years and they are showing no signs of going away. Other jean styles come and go, but boyfriend fashion only seems to grow stronger. This is mainly due to the laid back comfort the style offers. More than just your typical cropped jeans, women’s boyfriend jeans are unique because of their roomy, relaxed, and ultra-versatile style. These are women’s cropped jeans that look and feel like they’ve been taken straight out of boyfriend closets, yet they fit women’s form and height perfectly. Unlike skinny jeans that are skin-tight, cropped boyfriend jeans don’t hug the body, which gives the style the ultimate comfort it is most known for.

Styling Boyfriend Capris

Learning how to style women’s cropped jeans perfectly starts with choosing the right kind that best fits your body. Like any type of denim pants, you need to match cropped jeans with your form and shape. This is key to looking great as opposed to sloppy and frumpy in cropped boyfriend jeans. Despite its name and its baggy nature, boyfriend jeans can be very feminine to wear, especially when you know how to put an outfit together with your favorite pair as a base. Because they practically mimic men’s pants, cropped boyfriend jeans do have the tendency to create a masculine shape. However, with the right pairing, you can totally pull off a feminine-looking number even with the seemingly sloppiest boyfriend jeans you could get your hands on.

Secret to wearing boyfriend capris

The secret to wearing women’s cropped jeans is in the way the pants drop over your legs. One of the safest ways to combat the loose and sloppy nature of this garment is by rolling up the hem to give the pants more structure at the bottom. Going high or low waist or choosing a mid-rise should depend on the length of your torso and the shape of your hips.