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Suellen Holmes X Kancan

Suellen Holmes X Kancan

"The Punch Needle Coat", 2022

Kancan Denim, Yarn, Punch Needle. 


"If we don't feel like dressing up that day, what is the first thing we tend to grab? A pair of jeans"

- Suellen Holmes




Suellen, based in the UK is an interior designer by trade who originally started off studying fashion design but found herself in the interior design field. Later along her journey she came across the punch needle and found out she was very passionate for the art. She has always had a deep love for yard so this was a way she could do an art that involved one of her favorite mediums. She picked up the art of the punch needle only about a year ago but hit the ground running and has already had great success in being recognized as a punch needle designer. She says punch needle is what was missing from her life and now it has become a huge part of it.




The meaning of denim to Suellen is more than just a piece of fabric but it is something that’s a part of everyone’s lives. It’s the first thing we’ll grab at a store, a pair of jeans. The amazing thing about denim is that it doesn’t choose race or size it’s made for everyone. She was excited to mix and incorporate both mediums of denim and yarn and really showcase this message even further by showing an example of how denim can really work with anything and that is why denim is our day to day every day. She mentions that denim to her means everything, she loves it, and like most people she is usually in denim every day. It is just a part of everyday life.

"Denim can work anywhere with anything"
- Suellen Holmes


For Suellen, in the midst of making art she finds that it’s a time of letting go where it’s almost as if she is dreaming. When she goes into making an art piece she goes in with the mindset of letting her imagination go and finding a way to express her ideas and visions. As an artists she says the goal is trying to show the worlds what it is that is in your imagination and making it come to life for others to see. What she loves about punch needle is that the limits are endless, you can almost create anything. She finds it fascinating to have an image in your imagination and be able to bring it to life with the intentions to try and make others understand what is she is trying to portray. For the Kancan X Artists collaboration piece Suellen decided to do a punch needle coat. Her goal was to use up as much of the denim as possible which ended up being a success as there were only small scraps left in the end. She also wanted to show that both mediums could marry and come together into a beautiful art piece reinforcing that again denim can be a part of any occasion and any part of life.  


"It feels amazing to be able to have a thought, an image, and be able to bring it to life"

- Suellen Holmes

Instagram: @atelier.origin

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