"For a fashion enthusiast, it's a dream to collaborate with Kancan. Their premium quality denim, active wears, dresses, rompers, and other wears has been the talk of the town. A brand that is inclusive of sizes, liberates people with creativity and sells high quality products is something every influencer dreams to collaborate with."


I was overjoyed when Kancan reached out to me for their business promotion. Before I begin to give a little introduction about myself, I must assure you that my collaboration with Kancan was based on mutual trust, honest feedback and genuine reviews. I am a firm believer of suggesting only those products that I have used for myself to ensure the quality.


Who are you?

By the way, I am Katiee, a full time traveler and a passionate fashion stylist. I am from Europe and all my life I have grown up seeing some of the world’s most amazing sights.

While traveling, I always noticed that finding the right fit and good quality denim was a hassle. Most brands are not inclusive of sizes, offer low quality fabric and sell a pair of denim at an extreme price. Ironically, the leading names were expecting people to pay a huge amount for a pair of jeans which is something not everyone can afford in this global recession.



Luckily, when Kancan reached out to me, I jumped on this opportunity of being the virtual influencer for the brand. The denim sent to me were of amazing quality, inclusive of sizes and had different types. I was amazed to see that the denim is not supposed to be boring since with Kancan you can get all kinds of jeans including mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, skinny pants or any type of jeans you want.

They ensure that the customer’s experience is customized and they never feel left out while shopping. Since I have a petite figure, jeans that would fit my thighs were rare to find, but with Kancan, now I can be confident in my own body and in my own style.

As someone who is always on the go and requires minimal clothes because of long traveling, Kancan has made my life easy.


I can now stay stylish, comfortable and cozy with my amazing denims for it. You can check out their website to see some amazing collections besides their top quality denims.

I assure you that their promising quality will make you their loyal customer and you will thank me later.

I chose Kancan for me, who do you choose?






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