Hey girls!

I am Carla, your next-door friendly neighbor who loves to party, socialize and meet new people. To put it in the right way, I am that friend that can make people forget about their heartbreaks because I will take them to the most fun parties in the town.

And yes, that's why everyone loves me, or at least I would like to believe that :)

Since I am a curvy girl and I love to look hot with my beautiful curves, I am always looking for some amazing clothing options that can make me look amazing.

Long gone are the days when finding the right fit for curvy girls was a hassle. I won't hesitate to say that our fashion industry was not inclusive of bigger bodies and for years young beautiful women were conditioned to dislike their bodies.

As a curvy woman, I have had my fair share of struggles while growing up, because every time I was looking to buy something cute for myself, I couldn’t find it in my size. I thought perhaps I am the problem but now when I see things in retrospect, it was not me but these brands who were expecting everybody to look the same. They were not inclusive and had absurd beauty standards that were not for everyone.

However, thanks to the continuous efforts of all the amazing people, now the world is becoming more inclusive, curvy, friendly, and accepting of all bodies. I can't put into words how delighted I am to share my journey with you all today, as I speak from the platform of Kancan, which is the leading platform for amazing clothes that are fun to wear, inclusive of sizes, and has the most flattering fits for curvy girls like me.

Since I am more of an outgoing person, my go-to outfit ideas usually revolve around flare jeans and some cute crop tops. It won't be wrong to say that a curvy girl in a well-fitted crop top looks nothing less than a divine goddess.

Kancan's jeans are probably the most booty-friendly jeans (Yes! There I said it!) one can have in their wardrobe.

It fits the waist so perfectly that every time I go out wearing it, people can't help but compliment my hourglass figure.

I am so happy to be able to wear Kancan’s curvy fashion line since as a young girl full of fashion enthusiasm, looking good was always my dream.

Now that I have Kancan’s with me, I am way more confident in my skin because after all thick thighs, save life!












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