"It's got pockets" Spring '23 
Kancan Denim, Upcycled Materials 



Meet The Artist


Maris Kaplan is a textile artist based in Sacramento, California.  Her love for upcycling and using discarded materials and seeing those pieces as treasures, for her art pieces. 

Past to Present: 

From the early stages of brainstorming, she already knew she wanted to add pockets in her artwork. She has done it in the past, when she went camping and decided to create “Curtain of Pockets” a window cover for her car, as an organization tool. 


 The Big Picture: 

She paints us a picture of the process of creating this piece.
As she unassembled her pieces, she starts cutting the pockets with the finish sizes and shapes in mind.
   (Maris mentions Broad Room a non-profit organization for artist to get free art supplies in the Sacramento area. Where she was able to score this beautiful black frame.)

The Journey:

One of the craft key elements she talks about is  “The Windmill Patch” which is one the most classic & iconic looks in quilting which is added as her signature look to add movement in her pieces. We can see Maris laying down right square triangles pieces and improvising for the kind of gaps she wants to fill for those spaces in between.


The Final Piece:

She names her finish piece IT’S GOT POCKETS, and explains to us, that she intentionally left the pockets a bit lower because she knew, she wanted to take photos using those pockets.  
We see Maris adding a bouquet of beautiful flowers to the insides of the pockets, which takes the artwork into whole other level. 
The meaning behind the name is a reference people tend to say when they go shopping for dresses or skirts.

Maris says “we really don’t need a new dress, but it’s got pockets.














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