Denim Skin, 2021

Wood Cabinet, Kancan Denim, Video Contents






When I’m creating, I think about how an object that I work with or manipulate, or how an idea that I communicate will impact the audience or at least one audience member that receives it, and what it will inspire them to create or how it’ll inspire them to think about the world differently.

-Autumn Breon - 









 Autumn Breon works to reimagine global narratives through art and creativity. A graduate of Stanford University, she studied Aeronautics & Astronautics and researched aeronautical astrobiology applications for NASA. Autumn went on to advocate for global access to affordable education in South Central Los Angeles, India, and South Africa. During her frequent travels to the African continent, Autumn examined contemporary African art throughout the Diaspora and its impact. Based in Los Angeles, Autumn Breon now curates art and produces art programming to communicate ideas related to liberation, identity, and Diasporic memory. She has collaborated with art institutions and brands including LACMA, PacSun, and Amazon Studios. Her work has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institution, Aspen Institute, TED, the Obama Foundation, and LA Magazine.










For creative director Autumn Breon, denim is more than a fabric that plays a big part in her wardrobe. Denim represents the forgotten and often overlooked history that of the freedom fighters whose stories and contributions resonate deep within her.






Through her Artist x Kancan collaboration piece, Autumn communicates the history of denim and the role denim played in the Civil Rights movement. She describes denim's implications after slavery in the U.S. through the use of an ordinary object we see every day-- a drawer detailed with denim fabrics around it. The piece illustrates how creativity and innovation so often come out of necessity. Autumn's installation recognizes and celebrates the ingenuity, style, and legacy of Black community organizers that continue to fight against systems of racism.

 This completely up-cycled artwork is an interactive piece that allows the audience to scan a QR code on top of the drawer with their smartphones. After the user places their phone into the provided projector, they will view a clip of Autumn narrating the historical and cultural significance of denim.






Instagram: @autumnbreon/

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