Timmy on Jeans, 2021

Acrylic Paint, Kancan Denim






“ I think as an artist you also have a responsibility to speak to what’s going on in the world socially. I like to make tangible memories and tangible time capsules and in that same vein, I like to make a physical version of whatever is going on culturally in the world so people can understand it more and hopefully empathize or feel it, and ultimately change the world. ”

-Lizi Phoenix - 









  Lizi Phoenix is a fine artist and entrepreneur who paints and draws custom pieces on denim, paper, walls and other surfaces. Each piece or project is completely unique and custom made; Lizi works one-on-one with her clients to design items specifically for them and their goals. Lizi has a reputable clientele and has worked with high-profile individuals and brands ranging from T.I. to rag + bone.
















 For artist, Lizi Pheonix, denim represents wearability, versatility, and inclusivity. Lizi loves how denim could be worn by anyone of any age, race, and gender and also serve as a unique canvas for her to paint on and bring her creativity to life.





 For her Artist x Kancan collaboration piece, Lizi was inspired by the first abstract piece she has done from her painting collection. For her collection, Lizi works with her clients one-on-one to come up with a piece that speaks to their personality. She took the same concept and mimicked the style and color of her painting and transferred it to Kancan denim, creating a fun and unique statement piece that’s one-of-a-kind. Lizi used one of her favorite paints which is acrylic as its simple to use and dries quickly so it could be painted over and over again if needed.





Website: Liziphoenix.com

Instagram: @Liziphoenix

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