Porfiria Gomez is a remarkable quilt artist and maker who is passionate about creating sustainable and stunning works of art. With a commitment to reusing materials and a deep appreciation for the art of quilting, Porfiria has found the perfect collaboration with Kancan Jeans. Together, they are weaving a greener future, one beautiful and conscious creation at a time. 


KC: Tell us about yourself?  

PG: Hi my name is Porfiria Gomez and I am a quilt artist and quilt maker.. [laughs] I'm excited to have had this opportunity to work with Kancan and create this quilt coat.. I'm all about reusing and sustainability and making sure that we can take things and create something special with our hands 


KC: What is the name of your art work? 

PG: So this particular piece.. I don't have a tittle for it.. umm denim quilt coat [laughs] 


KC: Can you walk us through the process of creating your art? 

PG: So I know a lot of people will be surprised to learn that I made that on my own sewing machine. I just went and grabbed a durable sewing needle to sew with denim and I did it on my own sewing machine. It took me about a week to prepare  the pieces and put them together and I think that anyone can do it.


 when it comes to art and creating, we all have our versions of arts that we can do


KC: What's the inspiration behind your Kancan x Artist Project? 

PG: When I'm walking around in the city a lot of people ask wear did you get that and it’s so fun to have the conversation about I made it and you can do it too It's super simple and it’s something that will last for a good amount of time.  Having the opportunity to be an artist with this amazing company is such a joy for me I'm just full of joy and I'm humble by it because I love the opportunity that are given to me to show people my form of art and share my experiences with others is just amazing to me and I feel so humble by it all.  When Kancan reached out to me I was just like this is amazing


"I'm so blessed"


KC: What are you thinking when you create? 

PG: I’m always trying to find creative ways of wearing it but also having something that can last a very long time, and have multiple purposes.. Creating this quilt coat was something that brought me so much joy and excitement. It gets pretty cold and one of the things I love to wear in the cold, fall weather is my denim jeans and sweaters and I thought the combination was going to be something that I really use. I get to show people what I do. I get to show people what it means to me to continue reuse and take time to  look at the things we have, look at the things

“we can create the stories we can tell through the things we can create it's such an amazing gift.”

By finding beauty in scraps and repurposing materials, she shows us that sustainable choices can be both creative and rewarding. Her quilts tell stories not only through their designs but also through the fabrics they are made of. As we join Porfiria on her quilting journey, we can learn from her example and find inspiration in the power of sustainability.

Follow her quilting journey @ mrsporfiria   




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